Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sippin my cup o joe

My feets are cooooold.

But my coffee's HOT.

(insert happy face emoticon with coffee steam. Ahhhhhh....)

If only Patrick could get paid to stay home all the time... That would rock. (I mean, more than the unemployment. Cuz that's not rockin so much...) Having him home so much is actually working out nicely. (Except for having to share my computer so much. That is driving me a little nuts...) He's been showing a bunch of new clients real estate, so we're hoping for ONE sale. Just one would set us up for quite some time.

My checklist is daunting, but I'm slowly knocking the to-do's off, one by one...

Yeah. That's about it. I have been consumed by feelings regarding all of the unemployment/homeschooling/flooded basement issues. We're not really freaking out, yet. Though I did hold Justin extra long last night, wondering how he's going to feel that first Monday that he stays home and Evan heads off with his friends... Wondering how I'M going to feel, when he misses something that the school offers.

Shake it off, girl! COURAGE. That's all I need. A little medal from a man in green, assuring me that I am brave enough to do this....

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