Friday, March 13, 2009

No time to edit: husband keeps looking over my shoulder.

I swear to God, I love having my honey home, but he is encroaching on MY space and MY time and it's starting to make me twitch.

That said, Justin still isn't himself today, so he's staying home again. I told him we'd just start on our space unit early. I am going to call the school and see if he can still attend the music concert in 2 weeks if he's being homeschooled. He's had the songs memorized for weeks, for pity's sake! I sure hope so, because sending him to school right now seems like a waste of time and planning. I mean, we're READY to start, but in a holding pattern. Kind of ridiculous, eh?

I am starting to look at this lay off thing as a possible window opening thing... He's had a lot of leads on real estate buyers and even a house listing. Now it's just a waiting game to see who actually goes through to closing and if we can financially hold out for that long. He's been waiting for a concrete response on that first job he interviewed for (2 weeks ago!) but no luck, so far. They keep putting him off a few more days... We'll see. Maybe they really ARE interested but need to get things squared away, but it seems to me that if they really, REALLY had the interest in hiring him, they'd have called by now, before he takes a different job.

ANYway, my point is that perhaps this change in lifestyles is what we were needing? IF he continues with real estate (and the other 2 small-potatoes ways of making money that we are starting), our lives will be completely different. This will make homeschooling a bit easier (and harder, since he'll be around when we want peace and quiet). It may bring "family time" a whole new meaning as he'll be HERE for the fun stuff and activities and sports. We may actually get to EAT DINNER together on a REGULAR basis. It also has me considering what to do about Evan's schooling. I have this feeling that teaching and learning with Justin will be easier than with Evan. I love him to pieces, but he's definitely resistant to me at times. Then again, homeschooling HIM could be what the 2 of us need in order to reconnect... We'll see. I'll stick with just Justin for the spring and evaluate our lives this fall. A whole lot can change in 5 or 6 months...

Man, if Patrick were doing real estate and I was homeschooling, do you know what that could mean for our vacation opportunities? (I know, I know. My husband's unemployed. What am I doing thinking about vacations already??) We could go on the off seasons, when everyone else is in school! To be honest, I think that that one reason could be the selling point for Patrick... ;) We're suckers for vacations and traveling experiences...

I apologize for the craptastic method of blogging I have fallen into these past few weeks. I think that "blogging time" will take on a whole new meaning for me. I may have to revert to doing my writing at night, again...
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