Friday, March 06, 2009

Long story short...

I am considering homeschooling Justin. As in, really, REALLY considering it. And here is where my blogging friends can truly help me.

I need advice.

Real advice. Not on "he'll miss out socially" blah blah blah. Because I don't buy that. I am talking about legal advice, curriculum advice, organization advice. You name it. I need it. Also? Since Patrick is, you know, UNEMPLOYED, I'd really like the curriculum to be FREE or extremely cheap. What does the library carry? How do I go about making this switch?

I have 30,000 ideas swirling through my head because the main issue I am feeling here is that my son is NOT flourishing in public school. I truly believe that I can help him academically until he is socially ready to restart public school. He is an incredibly intelligent child without the ability to sit still or be 100% responsible for schoolwork. He needs the extra attention that one-on-one instruction can provide. I've been saying it since first grade. Only after these most recent issues (private) have I seen Patrick's resistance to the idea begin to sway.

So I need some good stuff, folks. Good links. Solid advice. A real direction on where do I first begin in all of this??
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