Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hump Day

Good things I am going to focus on today:

The freshly fallen snow from last night was light and fluffy, making it a snap to shovel. It still clings to the branches and berries, giving the illusion of a wonderland in my own backyard. AND it covered up the rabbit poop which is always a good thing...

I got Evan out the door without screaming at him once. Even though his shoe strap broke and caused a nuclear meltdown.

Patrick left me a happy face note on the counter.

I still have fresh coffee.

There are those of you on the internet that still read me even though I have only enough energy to visit a handful a day. Bless you. Your comments and visits are definitely a motivator for me.

So, on this hump day, I hope for a renewed energy and focus. I hope for a drive to get my act together again and be happy.

I am off to cuddle with Corinne and watch Madagascar (again).
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