Friday, January 30, 2009

Finding my silver linings...

Things to be upbeat about:

1. On Saturday, my mother and I are taking Corinne and my 2 nieces (who are also 3 years old) to see the Disney on Ice World of Fantasy show at the United Center. Yet another reason to be thankful for the opportunities that blogging brings! My wallet may be bare, but my "hobby" allows me to enjoy a magical night with 3 giggling girls.

After realizing that the second half of the show was entirely about Tinkerbell, I decided to leave the boys at home with Daddy and just take the little girls and my mom out for this fun night. Plus, the little ones will be happy with fruit chews and sippy cups instead of begging for pizza and pop and everything that the boys would be hoping for. (though, I have to admit, the United Center DOES have some good pizza....)

2. My van door ISN'T broken! We tried to get into the van this morning and the lock wouldn't fully lock or unlock, so the door couldn't open. JOY! I had to have Justin climb through the middle door with his brother and all I could picture was getting in an accident and not having that front door available to escape through. This is how my brain works...

I was thrilled, to say the least, at the thought of spending more money we don't have to fix it or just climbing around through the back door for months and months. Well, when I got home from dropping the boys off, I decided to give it one last shot. I pretended to be a locksmith and held my ear by the door, listening and praying for a tiny click of any kind... The heavens opened and I heard a click! I was able to open it by hanging through the window and using my foot as a brace and... well. Let's just say it's a good thing I'm still flexible.

I opened and shut that thing about 20 times before going inside, just to be sure...

3. Hazelnut cinnamon coffee. Sometimes you HAVE to splurge on the good stuff. (well, BETTER stuff. I still buy Folgers or whatever is on sale, but I make sure it's my favorite flavors...)

4. Knowing that I CAN make dinners from a practically bare cupboard and fridge. I mean, WOW. Last night I scraped together food to make stuffed peppers with risotto. And it was DAMN good. Tonight I think I have the makings for either Italian wedding soup (with a few minor alterations as I am out of ground beef of any kind to make meatballs) or an egg and ham casserole. I am actually cooking more Meals now that I am shopping less. (less. Heh. I said "less". I meant "Not shopping")

5. We are healthy. We are still able to heat the house. Though we are struggling, we are NOT as financially hurting as some people are. Things always CAN be worse, and I am grateful for the blessings I have.

6. You guys keep on coming back, even when I whine and cry. Thank you. I can feel the balance shifting within me as I write this. I'm not "back" yet, but I'm so much closer to being fully aware than I was just a few days ago. Thanks for holding my hand and patting my back. I really do appreciate it.
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