Friday, January 02, 2009

Debauchery. DeeeeBAUCHeriiiiieeeeee!!!!

You may be asking yourself, "Where is the New Year's Eve party update from Tracey? I adore pictures and stories about her getting totally smashed and falling down! How can she leave us for 3 days without details of drunken merriment and debauchery?"

My apologies, dear ones. My camera was in the van and the van was FREEZING. And then, the batteries were dead from the, well, FROZEN air, so it took a while to upload my photos. But the wait, it is worth it, for my photography skillz are such that you will be calling me for a studio job ASAP. Please, my email is to the right ====>

I digress. (As usual). New Year's 2008!! Whoooot! My sister and her husband threw their annual NY Eve party, even though there was an underground rumor that it had been axed due to poor attendance last year. However, all 3 sisters with overnight sitters and a family friend couple with no kids that night HAD to party somewhere.

Though I normally don't know my limit and end up not embarrassing myself so much as just feeling like absolute death the next day, this particular time? I figured it out: Drink till you're a bit buzzed, then have a SPRITE. Then, another drink a bit later. Then, another SPRITE.

I know. Genius plan. You may feel free to use it, free of charge, the next time you go boozing. But please send the linkage back to me. I could use a few new friends who think I'm cute. (I'm CUUUUTE!!) (I swear, I'm not intoxicated right now.)

I'll give you 1 guess what the drink of choice was on Wednesday night....

Still cute.

Shiny. I liked the reflection of the chandelier...
This is after only a few sips. I told you, I'm a lightweight...
Pretty colors.

Pretty, pretty colors!
Mango, pineapple, something with a "B"...
Couldn't let the green one feel left out, just because it came after the photo shoot...

After a rainbow of alcohol, we had to soak it up with SOMEthing. Bring on the fondue...
You may be wondering if all of those meats and chocolate covered marshmallows made my butt humongous. Patrick felt the need to document its state, post-gorging. And I felt the need, apparently, to share my booty with the world.

Shake it.

I guess I shook it too hard, for too long. But I DID make it to 2:30. I can still party, damnit.
Drooling on my sister's pillow. Because I CAN.
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