Friday, December 19, 2008

Dream a little dream...

You know you're having a fabulous dream when you're laughing into the phone that woke you. I won't relate all of the bits and pieces because, really? When does a dream ever translate well? It just leaves the teller sounding like a frustrated lunatic because they can't properly relate the colors! dancing penguins! or Big Heavy Balls that might hurt you! and it leaves the listener glassy-eyed and clicking onto the next blog.

Let's just say that I was heartily disappointed to hear the school principal on the automated weather phone call, cancelling school, right in the middle of my kickline with 2 ladies from The Office and Jeremy Roloff. (Which, I'm sorry: was WEIRD. Is he at least 18 yet? Somebody make me feel less icky about dreaming about somebody else's kid by telling me he's at least legal!) (Not that it was inappropriate. Really. We were just doing a kickline, for cryin out loud...)

Doesn't it suck when you squeeze your eyes shut, trying to get back into that dream, forcing yourself to relax, but never quite returning to that spot? Especially a laughing dream. I mean, it was AWESOME. Hysterical. Wish you were there...
I had a post yesterday evening that translated from the morbidity of my last post to this one a bit better than kicklines with teenagers, but Blogger wouldn't let me upload a quick video! :( Suffice it to say, I am still very affected by that family's loss, but cannot type more about it. If I figure out how to upload the entire freaking video, I will post it...
Anyway. So. School's closed. On the last day before break. Which sucks if you're a kid, because the school parties were today!! And it sucks if you're me, because I have errands to do today!! And I cannot do them with 3 kids NEARLY as easy as just ONE. But they're errands like, oh, Food and Bank, which, you know, can only be put off for so long. And I have pushed them back way long, as it is...

Off to the grocery store! With 3 kids! The Friday before Christmas! After a snow and ice storm!! GEEEENIUS!!!!!!

Edited to add: The store was exactly as I projected and I arrived home thoroughly exhausted from the "Can I's" and grocery store skating that is all the rage in my family. However, the boys discovered a fabulous new game upon arriving home and realizing that the snow was actually a thick sheet of chunky ice. All you need is a couple of screwdrivers and a mom who doesn't worry about you stabbing yourself while running around carrying said screwdriver. Chip chip chip at the ice. They've been doing this for OVER AN HOUR.

Who needs toys?
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