Monday, November 03, 2008

By the way, I have a blog!

Here's a genius thing to do: Tell people about your blog (finally) when you have a whole slew of really dull and whiny posts on your front page. Oh, and make sure to have nothing better in your brain's queue... This will ensure a feeling of lameness which is really, REALLY good for those creative juices, you know?

Another brilliant move is to commit to a month of daily posts when you were already feeling a bit removed from blogging. This month might have been a much quieter, introspective month of posts, had I not agreed to Nablopomo. However, since I did, I will try to follow through on it. I am not one to quit my commitments.

And so?

I am enjoying this quiet day.
This half-day of school due to conferences.
This breezy and warm day in November, where the sun is shining and the kids are barefoot.
This final gift from the Earth, before the predicted snow of next week arrives.
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