Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You feel that? It's the sunshine....

Ahhh.... am able to breathe. Did I need to purge every negative thought and feeling? Did I simply need to pour all of the little things that had been bothering me out? To empty myself and start with a fresh canvas?


I can't believe that there isn't a woman out there that doesn't go through a day or two, every now and then, when the world around her is simply too much. I had TOO many things to think about, to do, to wipe off, to throw out, to sign, to comfort, to discipline.... A temporary crash of my hard drive, I guess.

Thankfully, the sun is shining outside and I am able to appreciate its warmth. As a result of yesterday's personal hurricane, Patrick and I had many many productive emails. We have made some changes. We had a Family Meeting. The kids now have defined chores. (with an allowance! We'll see how that one works...) I have scheduled a Vietnam Vets pick-up soon, to take more of our clutter and free my space from "things to worry about."

I must say, you all are fabulous. I read every single comment. I know what it is to take the time to comment on someone's blog, and I know that I don't always feel like (or have time for) patting someone's shoulder (figuratively speaking) when I'm reading blogs. So, Thank You. You all made me feel much better!


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