Friday, October 03, 2008

Slam Bam

Bam! dlnsgrivylatn

That would be unfortunate sound of my head hitting the keyboard. Writer's block, anyone?

I know, I KNOW. You're all skimming right now because really? Another post by another blogger about how she/he is lacking for anything original to spout on about? Sad, but true...

But don't feel you're going to be let off the hook THAT easily, my friends. No, no, no... my life is still marching on. My family is still amusing and frustrating me. Small and Big things are still happening that I refuse to let slip through the cracks of time. So writing, I will be. Yesss... Interesting and engaging to all readers? Um, debatable at this moment...

Evan's first cooking class was last night! He liked it, but I didn't get to see any of it, so have no comments other than he ate what he cooked which may be a problem in the future weeks. The theme of the month is "Halloween treats" so, well, perhaps having it at 4:30, right before dinnertime, wasn't the best time choice?

Justin had fun while waiting when he immediately walked up to another kid with a Nintendo DS. They spent the entire 45 minutes laughing and jabbering about the games they were playing. As the boy left, I asked Justin what his name was and was met with a blank stare. Sigh... BOYS! They're so much like MEN!

Corinne had a blast until her dance teacher walked into the building for a night class. After Corinne got over her shock that her teacher didn't live at the other school building, she was positive that SHE was going into the dance class, too! People, she LOST it. Bawled all over the place. Just devastated that she couldn't dance...

And, on that note, the kids are up and I hear Evan in the family room. This is not good as he is grounded from tv. And WHO was the brilliant person who thought that this was a good punishment for back-talking to me?

Oh yeah. ME. And now? Now I have to carry it through... FABulous.


My post is up at Chicago Moms Blog. Yet another lament over the inactivity of my ovaries and uterus...
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