Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hitting the ground running

Holy holies, I am running crazy over here. It's amazing how not being home for one day can upset your whole equilibrium. The dishes? Not done. The laundry? Wet and needed to be rerun. The homework? Halfway done.

I spent an hour walking through a hospital with my 3 year old daughter and my 2 year old niece. No one was sick, I just needed to drive my sister and keep track of her toddler while she got a dermatology thing done. And you know what? Hospitals are not brilliantly laid out. A fish tank, a self-playing piano to dance to, and a cafeteria with cookies. Um.... Really? Does no one think that maybe, just maybe, there might be tons of little kids visiting relatives in hospitals? And that these little kids may become disruptive to other patients if not allowed time and space to just run and be loud? All I'm suggesting is a room in the basement with a slide or two. Perhaps a couple of those huge birthing balls (sanitized, of course). You know? Somewhere to decompress from Mommy's labor room or grandma's cancer recovery room. Somewhere where they don't need to behave perfectly and not run and not shriek. Not that the girls didn't brighten a few sick faces. Oh, did they! "Such bright and beautiful girls, you have!" "What sweet children. You must be proud!" And, um, I am, but they're NOT both mine!! They're 3 months apart. (Though Corinne is at least a head taller...)

So, did I scare anyone with my morning face? And my weird tendency to look around me when on camera? Sadly, that was the 3rd take, and I HAD to use it, because I made it all the way to the drawing and I? I am honest enough that I wouldn't do a redraw and fake pulling a name! So, the weird stuttering and tripping over my words while looking left and right for.... something? Something amiss? Something that would make you not want to read here anymore? Who knows. Neurotic much?

Babbly babble blah.

So, is anyone else ready for this whole election thing to just be DONE already? Can we pick a leader, or what? Do we really, reallllly need to continue campaigning and party bashing? Doesn't everyone pretty much know where their vote lies by now? I mean, honestly. If your vote was to be swayed this late in the game, are you really going to vote, anyway?

Yadda yadda yadda...

Whoooosh!! Are you still with me? Have I lost your attention yet???

I swear, I am NOT Manic depressive. This is just a burst of happy happy joy after a period of mild gloom and doom. But I can totally understand why a person who was MD would be reluctant to change that quality...

Anyone else thrilled beyond belief that Halloween finally falls on a Friday? Have as much sugar and caramel as you want, guys! No SCHOOL on Saturday!! I'm thinking a slight sugar overdose and a scary(ish) movie. Maybe even a bonfire... With booze. Fer sure.
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