Thursday, September 04, 2008


I got up a bit early this morning but couldn't roll out of bed. The rain was pelting the windows and honestly, all I could do to NOT fall back asleep was to flick on the tv. Scanning the channels, I saw one of my picks for NetFlix, Rabbit Proof Fence, on the Independent Film Channel, so I switched it on.

And I was hooked.

And sickened. Disgusted at the thought that so many children over so many generations in countless countries have been ripped from their families. That they were kidnapped under the guise of helping them to better themselves... There isn't a single generation, continent or race that can claim to have never done this atrocity to another group. Everywhere you look in history and the world, you see humans trying to prove that they are superior to others, by enforcing their own beliefs.

Why? Why are we configured this way? To what purpose? Is it some deeply seeded evolutionary need that pushes humans to such atrocities? Do we really fear for our own lives so much that we must change anyone and everyone who is different than ourselves?

As the movie neared its end, I became even tenser, knowing that the story of the 3 Aboriginal girls could NOT end well. As the credits rolled, and the pictures of the now elderly women came upon the screen, I couldn't control myself. Weeping at the thought of losing my own (almost) 3 year old, as the main character does, I gathered Corinne into my arms. I slowly woke the boys up by wrapping my arms around their sweaty heads. Thankful that my life hasn't had such tragedies. Praying that it never does. That we, as a species, can learn to accept our differences....

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