Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A woman/Mommy in the White House?

Ahem. Yes, that is ME being quoted in an ABCnews article. (Page 4) Just please don't type my last name here. Trying to avoid too much googlability. I made up that word. Fun, eh?

Here's the full submission I sent in...
I'm sure Feminists everywhere are in a dither. Having had our first real hope of a woman president shattered, we find ourselves with the possibility of a woman VP... but for a different political party. Not knowing much about Ms. Palin or her political standing, I can only assume that she was chosen because of a few factors:

1. She is a relative unknown, and therefore, easy to mold into the platform Mr. McCain desires.

2. She is a WOMAN. Hoping to garner as many votes from the undecided voters (such as myself) they are hoping to play upon womankind's desire to see a fellow female in the White House. Also, this allows the Republican party to appear less traditional than in the past by not having 2 older white men running against 2 younger men, with one not being Caucasian.

But the question of whether or not she is a proper choice for a VP due to her being a Mother makes me ill. Positively, mind-numbingly ILL.

Is it really so much harder to be a mother than to be a father? Is it really such a stretch to imagine a husband being able to take on the more emotional (and traditionally feminine) side of the parenting team? Surely, the children WILL suffer if their mother is a VP. Just as they would if the tables were turned and it was their FATHER that was the VP. Their lives will be monitored and regulated. They will become probable fodder for the paparazzi and media, especially during any small (or large) problems that are typical in ANYone's youth.

But is it truly prudent to suggest that Ms. Palin cannot handle it all? That this is a proper question to propose in regards to her candidacy? Shouldn't we, instead, focus on the political issues at hand?

How does she cast her ballots on issues you hold dear? How does she handle herself in situations of extreme stress? Has she held herself accountable for any past mistakes? Does she represent the America you want to see in the future?

Do not vote based upon gender. Do not vote based upon race. Do not vote based upon the candidate's family. Vote where it really counts: POLITICAL ISSUES.
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