Saturday, September 06, 2008

Insomnia: redux.

It is 5:50 am. Patrick left for a week of fishing in Canada with his father an hour ago. I am alone, AGAIN, for a week with 3 kids. Good times...

I woke at 2 am in Justin's bed, disoriented. Stumbling into my room, I noticed only Evan asleep on our queen bed, sprawled over as much square footage as possible. I reversed and peeked into Corinne's room to find her daddy asleep on the floor beside her big girl bed. Awwww.... briefly considered rousing him to join me on a MATTRESS but knew that would end up waking The Princess and that? That is not a chance I am willing to take at 2 am.

Climbed into bed and began to drift only to hear footsteps. Lo and behold, it's Justin, eyes wide and pupils dilated, begging me to come into his room and "build a tree." (I'm thinking Legos?? Blocks??) Ummm...ok. You're sleep-walking, buddy. Got us both back in our beds only to hear him heading downstairs a moment later. Again, eyes wide and resembling a deer facing a Mack truck going 60 mph. He mumbled something about a bad dream involving "wheels that were too big!" and I just pulled him into bed beside me. Sigh.

So, I was, yet again, sandwiched between 2 sweaty little boys. Not that I don't treasure it, mind you! Just that I knew I was in for a long night.

Sure enough, after tossing, turning and having a weird dream involving a sumo-wrestler, I awoke AGAIN as Patrick shuffled into our room, looking for somewhere a bit softer than the floor. We all shifted over and I was really, REALLY squished, now.

Hence That 70's Show. A mini-marathon at 3 am!! Did you know?!? What a fun way to kill several hours before the sun comes up.

I never had sleep issues before children. Now I am constantly on "bad dream/potty break/is that a psychopath breaking into our house/damnit, I had 3 kids and need to pee" alert. Someone recently suggested that I talk to a sleep therapist. To that someone, I say: I appreciate the concern, but heaven help me if I DO begin to sleep through the night because my husband sleeps like the dead and we could all perish in a fire/tornado/psychopath breaking into the house while we sleep.

Ah. I hear Justin coughing. He'll be awake soon and I? I am about ready to fall back asleep. Perfect timing.
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