Saturday, August 16, 2008


Corinne - Mommy, Why is the bubble juice all empty?

Tracey - Because you used it all up making bubbles.

C - Why I used it all up?

T - Because you were having fun.

C - Oh. Why I was having fun?

T - Enough!


Corinne - Mommy, who is on the phone?

Tracey - Daddy.

C - Is he gonna be home soon?

T - Yes. Soon.

C - Oh. Why is he gonna be home soon?

T - Because that's when his car will get here.


C - Why is that when his car gets here?



Corinne - Is that a spicy burger, Mommy?

Tracey - Yes. Would you like some?

C - Ok. Yummy! Why is it spicy?

T - Because it has jalapenos in it.

C - Why it has jalapenos in it?



Is it any wonder that I'm on my second glass of wine? They have 20 minutes and they are in BED.

No matter how many kids I have, the "why" phase is definitely one of the most infuriating!!
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