Friday, August 29, 2008

Is there such a thing as TOO much confidence?

I think I may have made a parenting blunder.

In my effusive exhibition of unending adoration for my daughter, she has developed a slight princess complex....

Example: as we are navigating through the summer rain yesterday...

Corinne: Oh, Mommy! Just look at my beaUtiful hair! The lovely stripes and different colors! Aren't dey just like a princess?!?

Tracey: (snorting) Yes, sweetie. You certainly ARE Mommy's princess! And so lovely for sure.

C: And don't you just LOVE my singing voice? Mommy? Don't you? Would you like to hear me sing the Little Mermaid song? In my lovely singing voice? "Look at dis stuff. Isn't it neat? ..."

T: (biting lip and beginning to wonder if she's just really confident or conceited...) "Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?" (we continue the Little Mermaid song at the top of our lungs.)

C: Mommy?

T: Yes?

C: Guess what!

T: What?

C: Chicken Butt!! Bwaahaaahaa!!! Don't I just make you laugh and laugh? Aren't I just the funniest girl you ever knew??

T: (oh dear...) You sure are, baby girl.
later on, as we are walking up to our friend's house to play...
C: Oh, Mommy! Just LOOK at my dress!! See how it twirls and I spin so beauuuutifully? And I look like a princess! Don't I, Mommy? Wanna see me spin? Hmmmmm???

T: (shaking my head and smiling, wondering at this child so full of life and self-confidence) Let me see!

I can only hope that my desire to give her a good body image by complimenting her different physical and personality traits isn't going overboard. I can only hope that she understands what I mean when I say that there isn't any BEST size, shape, color, etc.

My brilliant beam of light...
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