Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 1

I? I am a freaking lady of leisure. For today, I am sitting at my computer, drinking a cup of coffee, and there isn't a sound to be heard. My boys are in school and Corinne is napping.

Insert giddy giggles and hands clutched to my mouth in shock over my freeeeeeeedom!!!!

Though I am a bit tired from last night's 2 am wake-up call from a certain 6 year old who was so nervous about starting first grade that he couldn't sleep! He said he was worried about making new friends and all of the extra homework that was going to be SO HARD!! Poor baby... Thinking that he just needed a hug and a back rub, I laid down beside him and did just that. I kept falling asleep but that poor kid stayed up till 5 am!! He's gonna be exhausted...

Thankfully, we all got up, fed and dressed at a reasonable time (early, of course. We'll be early for a week and then perpetually late for the rest of the year...). There was no fear evident in Evan's face as we walked to school...
Ignore the bangs. His hair has the WORST cowlick over his right eye! I actually cut that hair LONGER than the rest of his head, and it still creeps up so that it looks like his mom is incompetent...
Obligatory first day pictures. My shaggy boys...
After dropping them at school, Corinne and I spent a lovely morning at the park, then cleaned the house a bit while watching The Little Mermaid, and rounded our morning off by hitting WalMart for extra shorts for Justin and the basics. She even convinced me to buy a new pair of shoes. I kid you not! I am NOT a shoe diva, but when Corinne's with me? I can't resist her squeaky request of,

"Oooh! Mommy! Do you wike deez shoes? You should buy dem. They're sparkly!"

Sadly, the sparkly shoes (which were PERFECT for a wedding we're going to next month!) didn't come in my post-birthing-three-children-size 9's. (I used to be an 8! I keep donating my shoes as I have kids...). But I did find a pair of 9's in a comfortable brown leather for this fall. I haven't had a new pair of semi-dressy shoes for pants' outfits in, well, 7 years? 8? Something like that.

See? Not a shoe girl. I like them, but just not the price or the waste as I really only wear 1 pair a season for several years in a row. Fashionista I am not.

Ahhhh.... where was I? Does it matter? No! It doesn't! Because I am not rushed to hit publish and take care of a child!! I can edit, if I so desire. I can rewrite, if the mood should strike!

Hot damn. This could be the beginning of meaningful posts.

Hold onto yourselves, folks. It Just. Might. Happen.
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