Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My heart grew three sizes this day...

Evan - Mommy! Mommy! Are you ready to see what I got at school today?

Mom - Sure! Let's see. Is it an art project or some note from your teachers?

Evan - No! It's a credit card, Mommy!

Mom - A what?

Evan - A CREDIT Card!!

Mom - squinting, trying to discern what a 6 year old could mean....

Mom - OH! Do you mean a Report Card?

Evan - Yeah, yeah. That's what I SAID.


The even cuter thing about this is that he said "Credit Card" several times throughout the day!! I still crack up thinking about it...

So. That being said, their credit cards, I mean REPORT cards were incredible. FANtastic.

Perhaps you missed that one....

FAN. Freaking. TAStic.

Evan has progressed from only knowing some of his letters in the beginning of the year (didn't want to learn from me! Broke my heart...) to reading books. BOOKS. He is currently reading the books that we bought for Justin when Justin was about 3 (exceptionally early reader) and is flying through them. My heart burst when I read the sweet comments and he was SO proud of himself!

But I literally cried when I read Justin's fourth quarter marks. My son, the one who has NEVER gotten anything but negative marks in the "Social attributes" and such, (respecting authority, obeys rules, practices self-control, etc.), the one with "executive Functioning Disorder"... got ALL PLUS MARKS. His teacher wrote, and I quote:

"Justin has been a pleasure to have in class."

Blinking the tears as I type....

If you've never experienced the heartache of a wild and unruly child, you cannot imagine the joy and thrill that those words give me. In addition to that, he got all A's and complete pluses in every other section. ALL of them.

I truly think that I will frame this credit, er, report card.

Which brings us to today! First day of summer vacation!! Kids are watching some toons, I am drinking a 3rd cup of coffee without stressing over "The clock! The clock! Ayiieeee!!!" We will all take morning showers and then have ice cream sandwiches just because we can.

Have a good one!
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