Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Must've been a gnat in my eye...

That's why my eyes are teary. Not because my 9 year old called out from his scooter, in a joyful voice,

"Mommy! This is the last day you can say you have a third grader and a kindergartener!!"

True. And thanks for pointing that out, kiddo...

Onto bigger and better things, like SUMMER VACATION baby!! I had the boys sit down and make a brainstorm list of things to do this summer. I'm trying to avoid hearing "I'm boooorrreeed!!!" as much as possible. Here's their list:



purple park

forest preserve



Lincoln Park zoo

ice cream party!!!!

Wisconsin Dells!

build a fort

build a bird feeder

go to Nana & Papa's

go to Grandma's


walk around the neighborhood

pizza party

science kit go to the lake for test water

arts & crafts

paint outside

sidewalk chalk and paint

watch basketball

play basketball


Cantigny Park to climb on the army tanks

friend party with water toys, pools and slip and slides

car race

game night

tie dye shirts

play tag

duck duck goose

cooking day - each pick a recipe

Great America

Pokemon party

popsicles outside

Interesting list, I think. I especially like the abundance of the word "party" found throughout.

He's looking a bit like 1972, don't you think? Edit the color a bit to get that old Kodak look...

I'm thinking of starting their break off with a bang by calling Pizza Hut for some delicious gooeyness and having Patrick rent a movie. They're going to stay up late tonight, and eat popcorn, I believe... I also need to think of some reward for each of them as I know that their report cards are going to be great. You cannot understand how that feels, unless you have suffered through the first 3 years of Justin's report cards. "He's very intelligent! Academically, he's great. Socially, though..." Yeah. This was the year of maturity. This was his year to finally shine and have a teacher that rocked. And then, to add Evan's year of learning to read and write? And doing so well socially, too? I am ecstatic. Maybe that's why I'm a bit sad to have this year end... I knew that they were doing well this year, and that next year is a whole 'nother ball of wax, with nothing guaranteed...

Many more of these late night bbqs to come! The s'mores were awesome...

I am off to do some serious laundry and dishes, play with my baby girl on her last day alone, and slam some high octane Joe.

Hope the weather passes you by if you live in Southern Illinois (and anywhere else in the midwest). Hope you didn't lose home or loved ones...

please keep giving suggestions for my post from yesterday... I am still stewing over how to approach this...

PS, please go vote for my friend Tonya from A Day in the Life of a Mama. She's a finalist at 5 minutes for Mom and could win a Wii!! Her picture is actually doing really well in the votes, too!! Good luck, Tonya!!

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