Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shooting for a scholarship?

First of all, I'd like to point out that it is MAY and that I am ready to attend a soccer game for my kids without howling, freezing wind and mud. M'kay?

Second, I'd like to remind the 2 fathers at the soccer game this morning, the game for KINDERGARTENERS, that they are, in fact, little kids. Little kids that are generally happy for just recognizing which goal is theirs and where the ball is. Little kids that don't need to have dads screaming directions from one side of the field while the coach tries to encourage ALL of the children from the other side. (A coach who is, by the way, incredibly nice and fair)

I was laughing my head off as Evan would chase the ball only to get distracted by invisible aliens or ninjas and would stop to karate chop the air, before following the pack some more. I was chuckling over his teammate's attempt to get a goal in the WIDE open net, with no one around him, only to miss and kick it behind the goal posts. I was smiling with joy, but his father was groaning and grumbling. He did that frustrated, disgust noise that I might make if my kids were rudely arguing with me over a basic chore or homework. He made this nasty noise over his 5 year old missing a goal.

Yeah. Let's get a little perspective, shall we? Also, let's read the guidelines we alllll signed before joining which state that sideline negativity and rudeness will not be tolerated. Let's remember that we should all be freaking grateful that our kids are able to run and jump and play. Let's remember that not ALL children can join soccer teams. Not all children get a chance to miss a goal.

Take a breather and relax. This is the GOOD stuff, guys. It doesn't get any better than this.
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