Friday, May 30, 2008

The house began to twitch...

You know what I'd love? I'd love to live in an area with no major natural disasters, ok? Is that asking too much? I mean, you can't imagine how much I'm looking forward to tonight and this weekend. It just sounds lovely. Absolutely peachy.

So, I will be spending the majority of my morning driving the 4 measly blocks to and from school about 3 times today. Justin has a Fairy Tale play in which he is a main character. That will last all of 35 minutes, so I will have to come home and then go BACK to school to pick Evan up. Then, because it will most probably be storming at the end of Justin's day, we will have to go back to school and get him.

I feel so eco-friendly today.

Speaking of Mother Earth, I am all for this kind of car. Sounds promising.... They just need to make it more attractive. Cuz, honestly? The bubble car just isn't gonna make most people jump for joy and go green.

But if they make a car to seat 3 kids comfortably and has cargo space, SIGN ME UP.
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