Wednesday, May 28, 2008

draft of random googles

Dirty Kids Feet

Second Grade Jokes

pitocin good story

boobie talk

nursing pics

locks of love

The Middle Child

Vacation Montage

Rashes from sandboxes

flip flops nurse pictures

lady girdle photo

middle name for Corinne

doozy mommy blog

arms strapped

disgruntled mom cosmetic reviews

stories for little boys who LOVE to wear fluffy diapers and panties

Ok, um... this was meant to be a DRAFT. Hence, the word "draft" in the title. But, me being so intelligent, I must have hit Publish instead. Doh. I wanted to include witty little bits after each google search, you know... I guess the humor lies in the fact that I will just let this post live on as a blooper post. Ha ha ha.... Oooohhh, witty witty Tracey...
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