Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Help me now, for my daughter is becoming a girly-girl. Not the frills and lace, or the ballet and princesses. Oh no, that is fine. She adores all things girly and I love that about her. What I am complaining about is her recent fear:


heard just moments ago as I sat down at the computer for a few minutes...

"AAAYYIIIEEEE!!!!! MommmmEEEE!!!!!"

I ran in and found her, tear-streaked and shaking,

"A spider! A big black spider unner da COUCH!!! Aaahhhiieee!!!!"

Trying not to laugh, I held her and attempted to calm her fears...

"Honey! Honey, it's ok! A spider is so tiny and has cute, little tickly legs! They can't hurt you. I know, let's find him and put him outside, ok?"

to which she replied...

"NOoooOOO NooooOO!!! Not outside! Not by my swingset!!"


I managed to bring her around a bit, though. In fact, she just came in and asked where the big black spider was and I said he was probably hiding or sleeping outside by now. But I asked what we should do with him if we saw him again, and she smiled tentatively.

"We can hold him in our hands, and give him some food?"

Uh, yeah. After all of my work to get her to get over this fear of spiders, I hate to tell her that there is NO WAY I am holding a spider in my hands. No way. No how, kiddo. Remember this? I WILL try to scrape him up to release him outside, but if that little bugger heads towards me he is going to be a big black smear on the carpet.

That's all I have to say.
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