Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ever feel ridiculously happy over something that is reeeaaallllly simple? Just me? great.

I am giddy that I actually figured out how to put a picture with a link in my sidebar. Yes. GIDDY. I know, I know... It's simple, right? But no one explained it to me, and it really didn't make perfect sense to me. Also? I usually have 25 seconds at a time to devote to the computer and if I am being left alone (HA!), I usually try to write or read - Not mess with the features.

My point, though, is that I finally have links to Chicago Moms Blog, where I contribute, and to Root and Sprout, where I have sent a few articles and hope to write more(next issue is June 1st)! So, if you can click on those links to the right, just to make sure I really did it correctly, I'd appreciate it.

My feet are freezing! It is 60 Farenheit in the house!!! Yes, I left a window open downstairs, but I love the early morning coolness that it brings. And I am out of flavored coffee which makes me grumpy...

FOUR days of school left. 4. Cuatro.

I am eager to lose the bedtime rituals, the lunch planning and the morning wake up call. I am eager to have less crap coming in the door every day. No notes about dances and clubs. No art projects thrown together half-heartedly to end up in my recycle bin.

I am eager to say "Sure, you can play outside till the sun is down and the fireflies are out! Sure you can cuddle up on our bed tonight, there's no school tomorrow!"

I know that, come August, I will be anxious for them to return to school. At least, a little bit. But, until then? I am so thrilled that school is almost out!!!
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