Thursday, April 03, 2008

Still younger than my husband.

Na, na, na, na, NA NA... (to the tune of that 16 Candles song, remember? In the car? Yeah. That's what I'm singing.)

Sounds weird to announce, "Hey! It's my birthday!" without sounding like you're asking for well-wishers to say "Happy Birthday!" back at me, but, well... It's my birthday! Feel free to wish away.

I'm looking hot and spicy this morning in a pink sweatshirt and jeans with a pink Hershey's hat and piggy tails. Yes. I put my hair in pigtails to try and recall a bit of my youth. Not that 32 is OLD, by any means. (and this is yet another reason to marry someone older than you are: Patrick always breaks me into the feeling of an age. I mean, 32 isn't as old as 36, right? Heh. heh...)

We are in soccer mode. Evan had his first practice yesterday and Justin has his tonight. Whoootttt..... Actually, it's ok. Evan's team practices right next to a big school park, so Justin got to run with a gang of boys while his brother played. I only had to play with Corinne for 45 minutes on a blanket. NO BIG DEAL. One kid can't argue with herself, you know? Should be interesting tonight, though. Justin's practice is, I think, on a big empty lot with no playground nearby, and I'll have the 2 younger ones to watch which is always a recipe for more arguments. Wish me luck.

Also, I just wanted to say that my computer is running funny lately. Really slow, and very selective about letting me open things up, so I'm going to just do the bare minimum on the puter till my brother in law can help me out. I have to call him and beg him to come over early on Saturday, before Evan's party... I apologize for not visiting many blogs lately, but there's my reason! Hope to be sharing the bloggy love soon!

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