Friday, March 07, 2008

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So, I looked up from my book, The Amber Spyglass, and saw Corinne happily eating her lunch with a spoon. Went back to reading to realize that nothing she was eating for lunch required a spoon! She had strawberries, grapes, a blueberry bar.... Why the spoon?

Ah, well. Ahem. In my quest for "Mother of the Year," I had given her a small serving of sugar to dip the strawberries in (because, really? At this time of the year, the berries NEED that sugar). Corinne decided to just bypass that whole vitamin C fest and just go straight for the sugar. Yes. I served my 2 year old sugar with a spoon for lunch.

The really bad part? The worst is that I just shrugged and went back to my book....
Thank God it's FRIDAY! Especially THIS Friday, because I get to go shopping at my favorite bi-annual clothing sale. I sure know how to kick up my heels, eh? Gonna scour through used clothing for a summer wardrobe for my little girl who is officially just as tall as her cousin that used to pass clothes down to us.... Sigh. No more hand-me-downs.

Oh, and for the record: I did my errands yesterday. The kids, wary of my vacant stare and stringy hair, behaved beautifully and I got a small dose of vitamin D from that late winter sun. I even managed to not get angry at anyone. Instead of feeling like this, I now feel like this.

I broke down last night when Patrick asked to go out for the weekend in April... The reason? Mainly because I feel as though he gets tons of opportunities to live the "free" life. To be able to just up and go. He goes fishing every year with his Dad. He takes overnights with my brother-in-law to see concerts (that I'd like to attend, too, if given notice...). He "gets" to go on business trips, which he may say aren't all fun and happy, but I would LOVE to find out for myself. The last time I ever went ANYwhere by myself? Really, REALLY by myself? Um.... Never? Yeah. Never. I have never gone on a trip, an excursion, anything that was strictly for myself and by myself. I'm thinking BlogHer '08 sounds mighty tempting. But can I bring myself to spend the money on myself? With nothing gained other than time alone? I'm thinking it's something that I just need to suck up and do....

Well! Aren't I just a ray of sunshine? I'm sure I've scared off any potential new readers that may have stopped by, and I'm sorry for that... it is what it is.
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