Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gladys lives here

Ah yes. The excitement of my life! I get to watch my new neighbors moving into the home behind us and speculate, over my cup of perpetually reheated coffee, if they have boys and how many. I would assume, in a 5 bedroom home (Mucho jealousy here), that they would have at least 2 kids. Plus, the yard is enormous with a great swingset. Either way, it's nice to have a neighbor in a house that's been vacant for 6 months. Yaaayyyy for the housing market....

Sip, sip on the cup of joe...

Just listening to my boys play yet another game on the Xbox and Corinne searching through the bowl of snack mix for the pretzels and Chex bites....

So. It's day 3 of spring break (I don't count the weekends...) and I'd say we've done a good amount of stuff during a crappy weather week.

In no particular order, we have:
made cute piggy tails...

played Dragonology... (great game!)

Eaten dozens of fruit kabobs... it's true: everything tastes better on a stick.

And colored eggs for Easter, though nobody has eaten any of them... which is a brilliant waste of perfectly good eggs, no?

Oh! The sky cleared and the wind has slowed. It's sunny out for a few minutes so we're bundling up and heading out. Later dudes.
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