Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yay! and Crap! And 'splain this...

Yay! Thanks to a referral from Amy, I will be writing from time to time at the Chicago Moms Blog! It's pretty exciting and very honoring to think that people might actually like what I write. And,

Crap! I suddenly have no ideas of what to write for a group blog. Zip. Zero. HELP! And,

'Splain this. My husband was an anti-nuclear submarine warfare sonar technician in the Navy. (I do believe that is the proper combination of words). He was able to tell the difference between 7 different types of Russian subs, different propeller sounds, etc. etc. while filtering out the distracting and soothing sounds of whales and other marine animals. He was able to listen to ALL OF THIS, and yet, while playing a video game, cannot hear his own kids asking a question 2 feet from his head. How is this possible? He claims that the threat of a general-type guy standing over his shoulder was incentive enough to not screw up and pay attention. To which I replied:

"What exactly do you think I AM ?!?"
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