Saturday, February 23, 2008

In which I have truly become my mother...

I made my son redo 2 pages yesterday. 2 pages of schoolwork that he got "F'S" on. My son, who normally gets all A's and occasional B's got 2 F's. On pages regarding contractions, where the answers were on the top of the page!

"Will I get a treat? What's the point in doing it over again if I'm not getting a reward? She won't even change my grade! What's the poiiiinnnttt?!?!"

"The point is, you will have learned a new skill. You won't make the same mistakes next time and will slow down next time. Cuz if you bring home pages with F's, I will help you again to fix the problems until I feel you understand the material."

(of course, this wasn't as well-worded or calm when I delivered it. It was also interrupted 317 times by lots of "but's" and whines. I may have shouted once or twice, too...)

"You just like being mean!"

Yes. Arguing for 30 minutes over whether or not you're going to fix a 5 minute schoolwork page is fun.

But, kiddo? Let it be known that I will always triumph. You WILL do the work or life will suck for you. So don't waste your time.

Who am I kidding? He's MY child. Of course he'll argue till he's blue in the face!
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