Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shoot. Me. Now.

It's been a lovely morning so far, really. At least, it was. Until I picked up a certain 5 year old from kindergarten. A certain 5 year old that is currently upstairs screaming hysterically "Help me! Owie! You're Scary! You're scaring me, Mommy! WHY are you so MEAN?!?"

I am typing this as a means of not throttling that child. Deep breaths....

Why is he hysterical, you ask? Well. We had planned on Evan going outside with our neighbor boy after kindergarten, today. In the van, the first words out of his mouth are "Can I just wear the black stretchy gloves today?"

To which I replied: "No. You have to wear either 2 pairs of stretchy or your snow gloves."

To which All. Hell. Broke. Loose.

He is upstairs and I am downstairs and all will be fine as long as he calms down AWAY from me, for I am ready to unplug every electronic device, pitch every toy and take away all privileges for a week! The rudeness! The outright defiance!! And the lovely "You're scaring me!" which he knows goes right to the core of making me upset. And to which I always reply (very maturely):

"You think I'm scary? You haven't even SEEN Scary, kid!"

I know. Mother of the year, right?

As I've typed this, he has stopped bellowing. I'll wait for a few minutes and see what's up. I'll bet you Corinne went upstairs to console him.


Ok, Edited to add: He calmed down, put on 2 pairs of stretchy gloves and went out to play with our neighbor and Corinne. They were out for over an hour! Awesome. I'm heading up to put Corinne down for a nap!

Swingsets are NOT just for summertime!

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