Saturday, February 09, 2008

I may be a day late and a dollar short, but...

We just saw the Golden Compass tonight with the kids (we do the dollar show, baby).

Waiting for everyone to shriek and tear out their hair....

Anyone still left? Cool. Here' s my take on the movie.

HOW is this show "anti-God??" Maaaaaybe anti-religion or anti-Catholicism, but killing Christ? I just didn't see it. It was truly a movie of good vs. evil, standing up for your friends and what is right and good.

Patrick was actually the one who pointed out the obvious (to anyone but me, apparently) comparison of "The Magistrate" to the Vatican. Once he said it, I was all "DUH! Me so stupid." I had initially seen the Magistrate as a rebellion against Communistic government.

I was raised as a loose Catholic (don't get dirty on me, now) so I feel that I know most of the in's and out's (or, at least, the ones that turned me off from organized religion) of Catholicism. There definitely was the comparison of "dust" to the Lost Scriptures of Jesus and what-not that slips into the public's knowledge from time to time (Da Vinci Code, anyone?). But for children, it was simply a cool movie with neat graphics. The End.

My kids' belief, or lack thereof, in God of any name will not be influenced by a 2 hour movie centered around a 12 year old girl and her animal spirit. I mean, give kids a little bit of credit!

Opinions, anyone?
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