Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wordy Wednesday.

Geez. I'm getting all picture slap-happy lately. Sorry bout that. Just a quickie here to say that you never know how much crap you can accumulate in one room until you attempt to empty said room. I am going to paint the living room/office soon and have been taking everything down and out of here... Oy. Loads of crap.

I'm exhausted but it'll be worth it. No more dingy walls. No more knicks and scratches. I'm thinking a warm red or green... not sure. Anything is better than this boring old white we moved into!

Oh. And I am NOT happy at my DARLING husband. He brought the trash out last night and didn't separate the recycling from the trash! So I went out (in the 2 degree windchilld) and opened bags to see what was what. Put it in 2 piles and ran back in after 10 minutes or so of swearing. All this, just to see the garbage man only take the ONE BAG that was inside of the recycling box and leave the other 4 or so!!! WTF??? I was not thrilled to go out and pull the bags back into the garage. Frickin frackin freak.... (my new swear words. Like 'em?)

Later dudes. Pat's pulling up with the tacos.
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