Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snowy Tuesday

Is it wrong that 7 pairs of little girl undies make me so happy? They are so FREAKIN cute! Tiny little princess underwear with sparklies and happy faces. Why isn't MY underwear so uplifting? (Also, why isn't my underwear small and cute? But that's a different story...) I thought of posting a picture, but that's just crossing some invisible line for me of what's appropriate and what's not. I really don't want some guy googling l!ttle gi$l p#nt!es... (Geez. That's hard to type without being googlable...).

Corinne is potty training herself. If you knew, only KNEW the four-letter word that potty training is/was for me with the boys, you'd know that for me to say it now without cringing is nothing short of a miracle. Also, I am TOTALLY expecting this to backfire and be a total disaster... this may be giving my daughter less credit than she is due, I realize, but I cannot let myself be led down this path again. At least, not without looking at the ditches to see the pain and misery that was potty-training of the past. (I truly am not exaggerating. To spare my children at least SOME embarrassment in their futures, I will leave it at that, but I have some DOOZY stories, trust me!)

It snowed! Big old fluffy flakes covering up the lovely sheet of ice we got beforehand, so I am so excited to drive today! Whoot!!! "Slipppin and a'slidin in the slush".... Yes. I watch too much Wonderpets... Maybe, just MAYbe we can go sledding this winter.

Um. I have nothing to say that is very exciting.... La la la la.... Oh! How about the fact that my sister is due with her baby in less than 2 weeks? That's pretty freakin exciting! Especially since the little brat doesn't find out what she's having ahead of time. Do you have ANY IDEA how frustrating this is???? I'd smack her if she wasn't, you know, with child. I'm usually completely wrong when I have guesses. I was wrong with Andria, Jaymi, my sister's first, several friends, and various other people for years now. I mean, if I have a TRUE feeling of what someone is having, not just a random guess, then I am wrong. I was so positive that my sister's first child was a boy that I bought her a boy outfit!!! Yeah. She had a girl. So. I am dead positive that this one is another girl. I even had a dream! So, I am pretty sure that she will have a boy...

Hmmmm. I still have nothing to say. Are you still reading? Hello? Is there anybody IN there? Don't you just love that Pink Floyd song?

Well. I guess I'd better start the van and scrape it and such. Oh, and make sure the kids aren't in jammies for school... I promise to have a more riveting post next time. Well, I'll try....

Edited to add: please send love and support for Susan at Toddler Planet (also known as WhyMommy). Today is her double mastectomy... Her husband is planning on reading the comments after her surgery as a kind of bedtime story. Please send her sweet, encouraging and funny thoughts to help speed the recovery along...
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