Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a new day, it's a new start...

(don't you just love the music from Spirit? My kids have played that cd at least 10,000 times...)

Well, that's how I'm feeling this morning. A fresh beginning to the week. Good things are abundant around me. I just need to recognize and relish them.

Corinne spent the entire day wearing princess underwear yesterday and kept them dry. What more do I need to make me happy?

I do have a question about the whole Martin Luther King Jr day, though: why is it only a halfway holiday? Either make it a day that companies are off, or don't. Enough with this halfway thing. Patrick is at work, but all schools, banks and anything important is closed. It's not as bad as Casimir Pulaski day, but it still bugs me. Either we honor the day or not! Enough with the middle of the road!

Anyway! Dumb post, sorry! I have to get dressed and get Justin to a friend's house soon. Hope your Monday is a Funday!

Sorry. That was extremely lame...

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