Saturday, January 05, 2008


Apparently, all I need is to read a good book and get some time for myself. I'm almost done reading Eat, Pray, Love (I love this book. I plan on reading it again once I finish it!) and I now want to travel and meditate. Cool. Just what I can do about renewing my travel longing. I'm thinking of chanting while painting the living room this week. What do you think?

Patrick will be in Ohio for the week, so I am gearing up for many nights of drunk painting. Like when I painted our bedroom... but that turned out so nicely! I forgot: I have a digital now. I can post pictures of my painted rooms! Await a house tour soon. (Don't get yourself all worked up, though...)

Also, where can I fit in a meditation space in a 3 bedroom home? Hmmmm...
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