Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

After a whirlwind weekend, we're relaxing this afternoon before going out to celebrate New Year's tonight. Unfortunately, Patrick feels a little ill, so we'll see how much fun we really have.... Crossing my fingers, cuz my sister's party is usually so much fun!

My house is a disaster zone (and I'm not elaborating. There are NO clean surfaces on the first floor, and only 1 plate is clean!) so I have some work to do this morning. I'm thinking sledding is out of the question as the snow isn't very abundant and Patrick needs to recover before tonight.

Sorry I don't have any brilliant quips this morning, butI haven't had my coffee yet and I'm very distracted!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL 2008! We are starting our new year with Patrick at another new job. This one sounds like a better fit for him (the last one, not so much fun for the whole family. Let's leave it at that...).

Geez. The kids are driving me crazy right now. Apparently, somebody is touching someone else, or at least thinking about it....

Happy New Year!! Be Safe!!
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