Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yet another post that lacks direction

So sorry to ramble on, but the holidays have begun to hit us with obligations, errands, and outings. In a desperate attempt to document my life, I may end up boring scores of potential readers and for that, I truly apologize. My life is not glamorous, outrageous or even vastly original. But it is MINE and I like it the way it is, thank you. See the title of the blog? There ya go...

This morning, I actually considered keeping the kids home from school as I am TOO tired to do the whole drivetoschoolgetdressedcleanclean, pickuplunchesnaptimeworkonsightwords, backtoschooldriveonhomemakedinner, breakupfightsreadsomebooksgotobed, fallasleepintheirbedswakeupatmidnightgotomybed, can'tfallasleeptill6a.m.RIIIIINNNGGGG and it starts again. Throw in the fact that I have to go shopping for the cookie baking I do on Friday with my Mom and sisters and I am just feeling overwhelmed. I'm sure that having more than 2 hours of sleep would help, but I had better take advantage of whatever energy I have this morning and shop cuz I am probably crashing around 1 o'clock.

Oop. Gotta make some pink milk and toast. Toodles.

Julia Roberts uses gDiapers!! check it out. Good publicity.
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