Sunday, November 04, 2007

Still alive

No monumentally profound words of wisdom. No cute anecdotes or quips. Just me, sitting here, listening to the boys play Xbox and Corinne veg out on Cinderella (Again! Mooooore Cinderelli!!)

The boys had a friend over last night and I am exhausted from the amount of energy one more boy brings into the house. Also, waking at 4 am to find them awake AGAIN and playing video games is tiring. Arguing over their need to sleep or be throttled at 4 am is ridiculous.

Hey! Remember our anniversary trip in September? Well, I got my pics back, so I can fill in this boring post with those, right?

Freaky angels and carousel animals were suspended on the walls, ceilings, and everywhere in between. Staring at you... really, truly creepy. I dare you to spend the night there. I'll give you eight bucks...

One of the walls of horses. Imagine this times 50 and you'll get an idea of the sheer magnitude of the collections. And then? Then imagine dozens and dozens of other collections, like dollhouses, Oriental fans, antique dental equipment, etc. and you'll get an idea of the weirdness of House on a Rock.Um. I didn't know that if you put shampoo into a bathtub to make it a bubble bath and then turned on the jacuzzi jets that it would continually make more bubbles. Did you know that? Also, it is reallllly hard to find that off nozzle when you're watching the bubbles overflowing onto the hotel floor and your husband is cracking up at you and you're shrieking "heeeelp!" and he's scooping bubbles out of the tub and into the sink... Awwwww.... aren't we cute?And how many couples get to spend their anniversary-moon watching a building burn down? We are SO cool.We are the ONLY ones on this roller coaster! We rode it 3 times in a row, then came back and rode it another 4 times. After that? We discovered we were getting older and our backs and necks were aching...

So we took in a nice game of mini golf instead, which I actually TIED him on!! And I don't think he was even letting me win, either!

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