Saturday, October 06, 2007


Why is it that Christopher Robin has a British accent but all of the other characters (save the new one, Lumpy, the Heffalump) are American? You'd think that an English child would imagine stuffed animals with voices from the same country, wouldn't you?

Ever watch Veggie Tales and notice that things just magically float from the air to wherever they should go... withOUT hands???? WTF? Did you think we wouldn't notice???

Dora the Explorer: what kind of neglectful, lunatic parents let their 5 year old daughter go gallivanting around the countryside? Crossing rivers with crocodiles, scuba diving, white water rafting... And with a MONKEY, no less??? Call CPS! CPS!!

And why does Nemo go to the petting zoo and pet a snail? All of the characters in Finding Nemo are fish and stuff. That makes no sense....

Really, these animators need to be consistent.

these are the things that keep me up at night...
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