Monday, October 08, 2007

Just another manic Monday...

Important note to self: do not rub your eye if you have deodorant on your hands. I'm just saying...

Another hot day! Luckily, it's supposed to cool off tomorrow. I am SO READY for sweatshirts and jeans! Enough with the tank tops and shorts. I'm DONE WITH SUMMER. Let's get on with Fall, already!!

The boys are home from school today for Columbus Day. Gotta love those 3 day weekends. A break for all of us, as I don't have to make special lunches or ask 3,000 questions in 35 minutes. Just 1,000 questions over the course of the day. That, I can handle.

We might actually go outside in the sprinkler today. Crazy...

So, I made the first tunic for the knight costumes. It looks just fine. I might make the headhole a bit wider for Evan as he had to wiggle it on, and I'm picturing them at school getting him dressed... the less hassle the better, you know? I also found some velcro strips in the sewing box, so that will make it a lot easier to attach the boot pieces. SCORE!

Later gators.
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