Saturday, October 13, 2007


Phoenix tagged me. I am so bad at doing memes. REALLY. I might get tagged, say "ok, I'll do it" and then completely forget. COMPLETELY. So, since I have nothing else to write and just read her post, I will do it NOW, lest I forget again!

She's gettin all crazy on us now, and saying we should do 8 things on ANYthing, and not follow "the rules!" GASP! I know! What a rebel, eh? Well, who am I to be a goody-goody and follow the rules after that blatant display of meme flamboyancy?

SO. 8 things I love about blogging.

1. Instant friends at your fingertips. Long lasting and deep they won't always be, but if you ever feel like a "hey, I know what you mean," you will have no problem.

2. Backspace. Oh, how I love to change my mind 30 times before committing to my stance. Real life could use a backspace button now and then...

3. Picking and choosing what you all can see about me. Not that I don't post some dull and unflattering stuff at times, but I have complete control over how much dull goes into my blog. And though I am pretty truthful and revealing here, I don't have to spill allll of my beans.

4. You leave me little surprise messages when I least expect them! 2 am!! WOW!! I have friends online at 2 am. You guys rock. Out partying late, eh? Just had to check in with me to see how I was doing, right? I know, I know.... you missed me after your big party. It's all cool.

5. Different people. There are some people that are soooo completely different from me that I converse with online. People that I would have never had the opportunity to even meet, let alone develop a relationship with in RL. So grateful for the eye-opening and exposure.

6. Advice. In RL, if you ask for advice, people give it to you and then wonder why you didn't use it! :) I can get tons of different ideas for a problem online, think about them, decide what to do, and then tell you all about it AFTER the fact. Nobody's feelings get hurt, I still get support, and somebody might get to feel happy that I DID use their advice.

7. An excuse for not cleaning. Really, any activity can fit in here...

8. Being exposed to the world more. I know, it sounds strange that being ONline would expose me to the world rather than being out and in it, but I can hear about new products, activities, politics, etc. that I never heard of by just going about my business offline. I never would have heard about any of the presidential hopefuls had it not been for my blog. Blogging has also encouraged me to start reading magazines, in hopes of knowing what the hell I was talking about HERE. So, I am more globally aware, now.

Dude. That was hard. Some may sound strangely similar, but please, don't judge them. I'm tired.
I have to buy a new needle for my sewing machine as it broke in a whole bobbin fiasco yesterday and the boys have their Halloween party on this coming FRIDAY, folks. Crap.

I tag anyone with a name starting with J or K. I can't be bothered to find any more links right now, sorry! Let me know if you do the 8 happy/good/favorite things...
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