Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Da Field Trip.

Yes. I was brave. I boarded the bus today with 75 other non-Standees, most of which were 8-9 years old. We headed off to the zoo and I got to witness the budding personalities of my son's classmates.

The eager-beaver who readily passed love messages between a boy and girl. The messages were something to the extent of "Johnny wants to know if you're going to chase him again at recess tomorrow!!" (insert high pitched giggling here).

The equalizer who had to make sure that the girl who dressed for crazy clothes day on a field trip day realized that she was the ONLY one who dressed silly. (insert crestfallen face of slightly socially-awkward girl as she hastily tried to make herself look like everybody else...) FYI, I made sure to announce loud and clear to her that I loved her outfit and that it was perfectly fine to be crazy at the zoo. (she kept her outfit on afterall).

The goofballs who all happened to be in my group who were silly and sweet and lots of fun to be with. I really had a good time today. Even though we named ourselves the "injury group" as every boy in my group got hurt. Every. One. Sigh... Justin twisted his ankle getting off of the bus. Boy 1 fell flat on his stomach when running on wet cement. Boy 2 got smacked in the leg with a pretend elephant trunk (only at the zoo, right?). And boy 3 wins the injury medal with a full body flam onto the wet pavement as HE was running (does nobody learn?). He hit his head straight on the blacktop and just lay there for a moment. Yeah. My heart did a skip until he moved and groaned a bit. We found a mom nearby that had an ice pack (such prepared mothers!) and he felt up to walking after a bit. But later on, he said he felt dizzy and had a headache. Oh, and on the bus, he said he felt like he was gonna puke. GREAT. So, possible concussion in a simple trip to the zoo! I'm calling his teacher tomorrow to make sure he's ok...

OTHER than hurting ourselves, we had a lovely day. I got to hear a made-up song to the tune of "Mary had a Little Lamb" that went like this:

Ash had a Pikachu, Pikachu, Pikachu!
Ash had a Pikachu and called it Pikachuuuu.

(wha??? you don't know who Ash and Pikachu are? Puh-lease. You are SO second grade.)

Yes. Musical genius boy 2 was not. Nor on key. Nor very obedient as I told him repeatedly to please stop singing that lovely song. Over and over on the bus... Stop. Singing. No, really kid. STOP.

Well, I'm off to finish reading Amalah's hysterical post on Thomas the Tank Engine. Really, I laughed so hard I just about peed. I think it's the realistic description of SO MANY of my days of yesteryear... the hours spent round the train table.... Ah, memories...
Just had to add that I just asked Corinne if she was done with her mac n cheese (which I hid cauliflower in, thank you Jessica Seinfeld, and they didn't even KNOW!) and she said... are you ready for this???

"No, I eating my toes."

"WHAT?" sure enough, she was chewing on her feet.

"Why are you eating your toes, Rinny?!?"

"Dey taste good." grin, grin.

Indeed. I guess you just never know till you try it....
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