Thursday, October 18, 2007

Boring blog entry #46758

New hidden veggie recipe for us for today: crepes with sweet potato puree. They gobbled them up! And I used brown sugar and wheat flour instead of the white. Other than being a bit browner, the difference wasn't noticeable to the kids. I didn't use the cookbook's recipe, as I wanted the pancakes to taste like "Daddy's crepes." And I came pretty close. So, just use your own recipe for pancakes, start with the sweet potato first and add the milk, eggs etc. till you get the consistency you're used to. Easy and good. In fact, I'm nibbling on cold ones with some powdered sugar right now. :)

Today is Patrick's 36th birthday. I hope that he'll be home in time to actually spend some of it with us. I might try and make some pasta or something... we'll see.

Gotta clean up for Corinne's 2nd birthday party this Saturday! My big girl! I swear, more exciting posts to come soon, withOUT talking about vegetables in food. I swear.

It is WINDY out today!! I am so happy!! I LOVE AUTUMN!!!!!
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