Sunday, September 30, 2007


Wow. I am posting my 301st post!! Whew! No wonder my house is a mess!! :)

What a drag this weekend has turned out to be. I was being a good wife and totally agreed to Patrick golfing yesterday morning as the boys didn't have soccer, and "knew" that we'd have the rest of the day together so it'd be no big deal for him to be gone in the morning. (we hardly see him. Seriously, I keep the kids up some nights so that Daddy can kiss them goodnight. Pathetic.) Well. His wonderful new job required him to be in yesterday and he got home at 9:00. AND! Even more fun! He's at work TODAY. On SUNDAY. From 7-11 (supposedly). We're supposed to be meeting him at my parents' house for a bbq/football game get together. Yeah. We'll see if he actually leaves at 11...

So much for the great new job that has great new hours and opportunities, right? Yes. Life could be worse. But right now? Right now, there's a majorly huge thorn in our family's side. We don't see Daddy. We don't get to be with each other. I get stressed. He gets stressed. The kids are stressed. I am parenting 24/7. He is working 24/7. How is this good for us, again? The kids KNOW that Daddy isn't here. They're sad, they miss him, and they don't understand. And I can't tell them when it will end. And I'm pissed. VERRRRY pissed because this is the most we've argued in our entire marriage. (not that we argue much now, even, in comparison to some couples. We're just not very argumentative). We can't talk to each other for more than a few moments at a time. I hate this. And we're stuck. And it sucks. And I'm gonna bitch here, because I can't bitch to him anymore. It's not really his fault. And he's not happy with it, either.

So. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Whine, whine, whine. There. You all know I'm in a foul mood right now. Waiting for my coffee to kick in. Hoping for another gorgeous day. The weather at least has been great. Crossing my fingers that the van doesn't die on the way to my parents' house. Yet another thing that I haven't had a chance to take care of with Patrick being gone 24/7. He can't help with the household duties, mainly the cars.

Ok. Turning my frown upside down now (PUKE!).

I got to see Evan in action in his class on Friday as a teacher's helper. It's interesting to watch your child interacting in his own class. He has lots of friends and I hope it's not because the other kids are seeing him as someone to be friends with so that he won't pick on you... You all remember that kid in your own class, right? Yeah. I'm not saying that this is Evan YET. I'm just fearful that he may have the potential to become that kid. And, other than enforcing the no name calling, be nice, etc. I don't know of anything else to do for him. Just hope, I guess.

Ok, well. Corinne is throwing a 2 year old tantrum next to me so I have to go. Doesn't she know her birthday isn't for another 3 weeks? Oy. Little diva.
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