Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mish Mosh

We are headed to another appointment for Justin today. This time, it's mostly computer and psychological tests, so I get to hang in the waiting room for about an hour.... Um, WOOHOOOO!!! I am SO bringing a book and putting my feet up!

Patrick and I found sitters and a hotel on a weekend that the kids have no school, which just happens to be our anniversary weekend, so we are going on a mini-vacation, ALONE, for the first time since, um, our HONEYMOON! Very excited! 3 days, 2 nights of no planning, no multi-tasking, no micromanaging, no arguments, no diaper duty.... Ahhhh. Sweet bliss. AND our room has a hot tub and fireplace. I'm giddy over the sheer luxury!

I just got Corinne in here a moment ago. We have a new thing that she and I do. I say "Hello, Angel-girl!" and I get back "Oh, heyyyoooo, Angel-Mommy!" :) Very sweet. And we do it over and over, because I know that this cute little thing we do won't last. Trying to soak it up as she is just so freakin precious.

Still getting anxious over school. I am, they're not. Although, Justin did come to me yesterday and said how strange it is that he's going to be back in 2 weeks. We talked about who he would have in class and whether or not he thought sitting still would be an issue (crossing fingers). And then we talked about how neat it is that he and Evan will be in the same school for 3 years! This will never happen again, I think... No, wait. High school, Freshman and Senior. Sorry.

Dum, dee dum... Just lollygagging, waiting for the coffee to finish brewing....

Go on over and check out this interview that No Impact Man gave to Senator John Edwards. It'll be interesting to see the answers that other candidates give. I'm hoping with all hope that the Earth is on the forefront of most voters this next election...
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