Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not inspired enough to think of a cutesy name.

First of all: driving home at dusk, in the summer, through Illinois farmland is one of my favorite things to do... The endless fireflies that hover and dart over the bean fields are absolutely breathtaking. If you've never seen sunset in Illinois, may I suggest parking alongside a farm and just enjoying the fire streaked sky and the golden flickers of the bugs. It's amazing!
We had such a blast today! Evan and I made a memory that will last me forever, and him, well, probably for only a few years.... But still. It was so fun! 88 and sunny all day long. We did tube slides, and body slides and a roller coaster water slide that propels you UPWARDS with extreme water pressure. He played in the squirting area and learned how to float on his belly withOUT his floaty!! He was so proud of himself!

This also was a chance for me to recognize just HOW different are my 2 sons. When confronted with a change in the plan, Evan just went with the flow. No biggie. I was expecting him to freak, when I had to kick myself and say "EVAN, not Justin. Evan..." He was ecstatic as we were leaving and gave the day a thumbs up, which I cracked up over. And even though we were supposed to get McD's on the way home, he was FINE and dealt with the disappointment when I discovered I needed that last $20 for gas. Love that kid.

I do need to bitch a bit about people at waterparks. (can't have a good post without a complaint or two...). So, we're waiting in line for the roller coaster slide, and it's a LONG wait. But worth it. Apparently, this 20 something girl and her boyfriend decided that they were too good for lines, and were trying to cut ahead of dozens and dozens of people. In fact, they had already cut in front of dozens when they came to MY line. Ahem. You do NOT cut in front of me and my kid. He will NOT see that cutting and breaking the rules will get you special treatments. As I was going to get the attention of the lifeguard, a 12 year old girl walked up to the railing, leaned over and yelled to the guard that the couple had been cutting in front for lines and lines and that they should be kicked out! I love that girl! The guard kind of made a non-committal shrug, and we (the whole line behind the couple) were all wondering what was going on. So, I then leaned over and asked her if the security was coming, and they were!! The guard lady comes and talks to them. They appear to be lying about it and the guard left. Well. TWO security guards then came over with whacking sticks and all and this couple high-tailed it out of there! We all cheered! Seriously? Did they think they were better than us? That they had more important things to do than wait? People that feel entitled piss the shit out of me. Oh! And in the same line? A woman of about 40 (all fancied up with her hair done at a WATERPARK) asked the 13 year old girl in front of me "Is there something you wanted to ASK me???" in the snottiest, most childish manner I have ever heard. Again: WTF?? This poor girl was just standing there. Perhaps looking at the woman's suit (wild and crazy) but what ELSE are you supposed to look at in a line for an hour?!?!? Ok. So ends my bitching.

Apparently, Corinne had a memory making day as well. She spent the day with Patrick's Mom and HER mom. They went to the park and watched Thomas the Tank Engine movies, ate some pizza, took a nap, and just played all day long. As we were leaving, I told them to say goodbye to Great Grandma, and Corinne did a running hug (nearly knocked her over!) and kissed her goodbye. I LOVE THAT. I love that my children KNOW their grandparents and even a great grandparent. I never knew my great grandma. Or even my grandparents, for that matter. Oh, sure, I saw them a few times a year, but I never had the extensive relationships that my kids have with all of their grands. Very lucky little kids.
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