Monday, August 06, 2007

And, And....

Hey! Mommy, I caught the biggest Northern of the week! And I drove a go kart by myself! And I ate fish EVERY NIGHT! And we played pick-up sticks, and it's really fun! And you should have seen the cabin, it was neat. And one day, I didn't feel like fishing too much, so I was the net and minnow guy and every time I'd net and then give a new minnow to one person, the OTHER one would have a fish and I'd have to turn around and net HIS fish! I got SO tired! And I ate about 5 or 16 Subway sandwiches this week! And.....
Just one big run-on paragraph since yesterday. :)

Justin and Grandpa

This one was so big, he couldn't hold it himself, so Grandpa is hiding behind him, helping him hold it.


Ok. We are getting down to the nitty gritty, as far as school being soon. I'm actually not looking forward to it.... the schedule rigidity, homework, waking up sleepy kids, missing them when they're gone.... But what are you gonna do? At least Justin really liked the backpack I picked out for him when I was shopping with Evan! I'm still in shock over it, but thankful for small blessings. We are headed out to Kohl's today. We have $20 in free product, so I am looking for shorts for me, and shoes for Justin (though their shoes are usually too expensive). And new jeans for Evan as his are either too short or holey!

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