Monday, May 14, 2007

Need to get the spring back in my step. Things ARE good, even if Justin's temper can explode like a volcanic eruption one minute, and be normal and oblivious to his outburst the next. I need to see a counselor. Or SOMEONE. Someone to help me realize that it's not MY FAULT that this kid has anger issues. Or is it?

I videotaped him and Patrick talking for a few minutes the other day. Tried to get a snatch of what it's like, trying to talk him down from a tirade.

What's concerning me, is also how this is affecting my other children. How Evan can be a great kid - happy and giving, willing to do what he needs to do to help out - but when Justin's around, he morphs into mini-anger boy.

Hope my hormones get in check soon. It's too nice out to be grumpy. Not that I AM grumpy, just... here. You know? Just. Here.

Gotta clean.
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