Thursday, May 10, 2007

Clothes shopping sucks.

Well, I had GREAT PLANS today. Great ones! I was going to Target with my gift card and I was NOT leaving till I had several shorts and shirts for this summer. WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!

The kids were behaving, I had a cartload of stuff, and I made my first venture into the changing room. First of all, I will state that I am not a big person. Certainly not itty bitty, but I am a size six and have been most of my life. I'm definitely a DIFFERENT size now, after 3 kids, but still. There you have it. But I digress...

Anyway. First pair of cool shorts. Size 7. WAY TOO TIGHT. Damn. Well, juniors are sized differently, and I knew that when I put it in my cart. My hips and thighs are just not juniors anymore. So, I put on the size six shorts from the women's. Hey, I like these! I'm thinking... until I lifted my shirt and saw about 3 inches of obvious gaping in the waist and another in front. This does not make me feel good. I am not happy to not be filling out the shorts properly. I am starting to worry that this will be the mood for the day. Well, long story short, it WAS the mood for the day. I endedup with one pair of khaki tan shorts (dressier) and a polo type tank top. I also bought a new bra! (you have no idea how exciting that TRULY is for me. A rarity). I bought this bra because it had the see through straps that are required if one wants to purchase a tank top nowadays. Because 98% of the tanks are spaghetti tops or halter! ???? Am I getting old, or is it asking too much for there to be regular old shirts that just cut me properly and cover bra straps without looking ancient or being that see through material???? (I think I'm just getting old. Damn kids). Well, I found a shirt that I decided to try that is a halter spaghetti strap thingy. A bit risque for me, but I'm willing to try new things occasionally. But I am not a happy camper when it means potentially wasting $10 on a shirt.

Aahhh!!! The timer went off. Have to get Justin from school. I think I am taking Melissa's advice and going to Goodwill next time. I don't mind wasting money if it's only a dollar or two.
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