Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's not easy being green...

Actually, it's not been too hard to make the changes, gradually. And in honor of being better to the Earth, "greener" as they call it, I have just spent some moola on gDiapers. (thanks a lot to PB&J Mommy!) I really hope they work out well. They are a bit more than the generics we usually buy, but I can't honestly say that we don't spend money in stupider ways (um, McDonald's, fancy coffees, candy at the movies) so I couldn't use that as a cop-out. The clincher for me, is that they aren't cloth diapers. No washing poop for me! Just flush 'em. No problem. Crossing my fingers that they are as good as they claim. But why don't they have plain old white diapers?!? I don't always want my kid in colors. Patterns show through white pants, you know.... :)

Spent the day outside at a birthday party (Justin threw a fit and had to be taken home early, Evan pooped his pants-yes, he's 5- and Corinne was an angel even without her nap!). Planted some strawberries and Pat and Justin bought some flowers to plant out back. Got the van cleaned this weekend (YAY!) and I am no longer embarrassed by my vehicle.

Gotta get to bed and watch my recorded shows! Desperate Housewives, Extreme Home Makeover, and Brothers and Sisters. Oh, DVR... how I love thee!
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